Poème [#2019-16] : Flightning

Je fais rarement des rimes en anglais. D’ailleurs, j’ai d’abord oublié que appearance et lance ne rimaient pas. Mais enfin, l’écriture automatique couplée à un rythme un peu solennel ont bien marché ensemble. Trouvé-je.

Référence pour l’artwork : Paint It Black VI: Overcharge, par iBrokeJason

I can see the blazing cracks in the fabric of the sky
Flamingly breaking into homogeneity
Not caring that it’d be over the horizon shy
Like the true strength of common deity
A drop is detached from the formal appearance
Whence is wildly thrown such a fierce grievance
Aimed at me from the immense towards a bed
Where by languor I was forcedly led
Shaking, trembling over my sheets like the clouds above
I drain, man I drain to the paper love
Let the drop fly proud from up high downwards me
Be my ink the rain raining to slay my envy
As will have arks risen like trainbows
I will follow the leaf to where the wind blows
With my inscriptions folded around like a cloak
It will never fall down nor its rights will I revoke.

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